Jeremy Goldstein Raises Money for Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. His business acumen, coupled with years of practice, he has developed his law firm whose specialty is in business advisory services. The services offered by his practice range from mergers and acquisitions, business conflict resolution, compensation, and governance.


His portfolio includes being an award-winning executive compensation lawyer and he is a board member at market leading companies such as Fountain House. He attributes his success to the identification of strategies which ensure that clients’ needs are well understood for quality delivery of services.


In his recent philanthropic activities, Jeremy Goldstein was involved in the raising of funds for Fountain House. The funds were to be directed to a mental illness recovery program whose aim is to transform the lives of the affected individuals and their family with the help of professionals.


The functions held were only open to exclusive high profiled individuals in support of the program. Fountain House mainly assists the mentally ill in their recovery and further raise awareness on mental issues to prevent stigmatization.


The American population affected by mental illnesses has over the years risen with unemployment rates increasing due to the stigma associated with the same. It is thus important that business leaders with influence are actively involved in positively contributing to society.


Jeremy Goldstein, through this project, was able to attract multiple donors who raised approximately fifty-six thousand dollars in a series of two events. This was possible with the help of his partners Jim Finkel and Omar Khan. It is imperative to note that the money donated would support Fountain House to assist in the achievement of its objectives.


The articles highlight this Wine Dinner by Jeremy Goldstein to be among the highly ranked fundraisers which have been able to support a good cause. It further depicts the influence that he has on high profile individuals and hopes that his continued support will enable Fountain House to reach out to more people. It is imperative to note that the model used to assist the mentally ill will involve a series of projects which will inevitably empower the affected people.


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