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Health enthusiasts have a myriad of options in 2018 when looking for the best nutritional products and programs to add to their lifestyles. However, not all health products, or health companies for that matter, are created equal. Herbalife Nutrition is a company that puts its customers as the priority. Founded in 1980, the company aims for the lofty goals of creating a community of healthy people and making the world healthier, in general.


The company offers a wide array of nutritional products that can meet the needs of various types of customers. For example, new mothers require a diet specific to staying healthy after childbirth. Even with a dedication to maintaining a healthy diet, it may be difficult for a new mother to meet all her nutritional needs. Herbalife Nutrition provides a supplement called New Mom For Wellness Booster. This product is a combination of important vitamins and minerals that act to support a new mother’s diet. This special supplement includes vitamin A for the immune system, vitamin D and calcium for strong bones and teeth, vitamin B6 to help balance hormones, and folate to increase energy levels.


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Another popular product sold by the company is Herbalife Nutrition’s Simply Probiotic supplement. This probiotic powder contains Bacillus coagulans, which is a friendly bacteria that when consumed, can assist in reducing gastrointestinal issues and in generally improving immune health. The Simply Probiotic supplement contains organic inulin, which is not a probiotic but is actually prebiotic. As a prebiotic, inulin works to make the bacillus coagulans and other beneficial bacteria more effective. Most people do not get enough prebiotics in their diets, so it’s important that inulin is added to the Simply Probiotic formula.


No matter what products customers purchase, Herbalife Nutrition uses a network of dedicated, independent distributors to reach and service them. When a product is purchased from a Herbalife Nutrition distributor, the customer gets more than just the product. The Herbalife Nutrition distributor provides one-on-one support along with personalized guidance. Some distributors even take on the bigger mission of trying to create positive changes in their larger communities by providing Herbalife Nutrition products and support services. These distributors have dedicated themselves to the opportunity to better the lives of those around them.






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