Avanca’s Successful Indiegogo Campaign Leads To Positive Review Of NewsWatch TV

Avanca is a popular electronics wholesaler. They needed help raising funds, so they launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Ten-thousand dollars is what their goal was set at, but they needed help. This is why they hired NewsWatch TV to produce a video to promote their campaign. NewsWatch got to work and produce a minute-long promotional segment. The segment aired on television as well as via the company’s online channels.

Needless to say, NewsWatch TV’s work generated some serious results. In its review, Avanca said their Indiegogo campaign ended up raising over $450,000 within 30 days. An executive at Avanca said one of the reasons their Indiegogo campaign was successful is because of NewsWatch TV’s efforts. The executive went onto say that they recommend NewsWatch to anyone.

About NewsWatch

NewsWatch is a show that airs in American households. They cover various types of news, such as breaking consumer news, travel, technology, health and entertainment. The show airs weekly on ION Network, as well as two times per month on The AMC Network. Besides news, the show features sponsored/promotional content, which means individuals, companies and organizations pay them to air a segment with the purpose of raising awareness for whatever they want promoted.

The show first aired on television back in 1990 and they have now aired over 1,000 episodes. Between 1990 to present day, over 10,000 stories have been featured, including everything from medical breakthroughs to public policy issues to legal issues and much more.

Ever since the show has aired, many celebrities and entertainers have appeared on it. They usually appear on the show to promote causes they support or to discuss those causes. A few of the famous people who’ve appeared on the show include Mila Kunis, Bin Diesel and Bradley Cooper. Hundreds of other celebrities have been on NewsWatch TV.

The company’s main office is located in Washington DC. However, they have additional offices located in Denver, NYC and Fairfax, Virginia.

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