How IDLife is Simplifying the Process of Good Health and Nutrition

     IDLife is a company that was founded in 2014 by business entrepreneur, motivational speaker and sports celebrity, Logan Stout. This company manufactures and sells organically made nutritional supplements. It is also a company that offers individuals the opportunity to increase their growth potential by becoming affiliate members in sales and promotion. Founded on the principle of making good nutrition simple, this company utilizes scientific research to create customized assessments of a customer’s nutritional needs.

With a background in baseball, Logan Stout was someone who always had an interest in good nutrition. He also knew that the one-size-fits-all method of traditional health supplements were not designed to address the different needs each body has. IDLife allows their customers to obtain the supplements they need to attain whatever health goals they have. This is accomplished by having them fill out a simple assessment form about their nutritional habits, their lifestyle and the concerns they have about their personal health. This assessment provides people with their personalized IDHealth Score as well as a detailed report about their health and recommended supplements designed to help them to attain their goals.

The nutritional supplements offered through IDLife cover a wide range of health-related concerns. The various groups these supplements could be placed into include weight management, joint health, increased energy, bone health, increased mental clarity, increased metabolism and immune health. They also offer products designed to improve workouts, enhance sleep and provide the body with better hydration. This company’s line of workout products includes a preworkout supplement made with essential vitamins, enzymes and nutrients designed to aid the body with better focus and improved physical conditioning.

In keeping with the philosophy of making good nutrition simple, the team at IDLife have joined forces with Garmin to provide customers an easier way to stay on track. This partnership has led to the creation of the Garmin Vivo fitness app, which is designed to synchronize with the IDLife IDWellness app. This new application could be used in combination with any compatible mobile device. Not only does the app allow people to keep track of their exercise routines, it also allows them to calculate their body’s nutritional needs. Additional features found in the new health and fitness application include the ability to measure individual aspects such as a body’s individual fat percentage and skeletal mass.

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