Richard Dwayne Blair’s roadmap to successful investment

Richard Dwayne Blair was the founder of Wealth Solutions company in 1994. The firm operates from Austin Texas. The firms seek to give advice on investment based on individual goals. They give a roadmap for financial goals to gain a maximum amount of money from investments. His primary focus is on financial planning for successful retirement with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Houston. To achieve this focus, he uses a three-step approach in the roadmap to help the clients in maximum fulfilment of their financial goals. The plan is developed based on the client’s present financial situation and the financial needs during their retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair first establishes the roadmap to achieving the goals. The clients give their long, and short-term financial goals and are subject to a discussion, they also discuss opportunities strengths and how to take risks. This discussion helps in determining the expectations of both the client and the company. A strong relationship between them is also built because the individual goals and concerns of the clients are understood. After the discussion, the investment process begins.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s second step is establishing the investment strategy. The strategy should be long-term effective and corresponds to the goals set. The client is advised on how to get maximum returns from the investment, this involve asset reallocation and establishing ways to maximize their performance especially during positive market seasons. During negative market periods, the company gives direction on how to minimize the effects. The performance of the assets is followed up to avoid any loopholes and keeping the investment updated on the company’s and client’s expectations. The company also manages the assets.

Richard Dwayne Blair also cares about the client’s risks; the financial goals and strategies need to be protected from risks. They establish risk management strategies which cover the investment in case of any disasters. The insurance plans established should be adequate and are given by Richard Dwayne Blair’s company regarding annuities, life insurance among others, these plans keep the clients prepared. The risk-taking chances of the client established at first, therefore, the appropriate insurance choice is made.

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