Dr. Johanan Rand: Changing Lives with Bioidentical Hormones For Women

Hormonal imbalance can occur in women ages 35 to 50 years old. While Progesterone and Estrogen levels decline in women by 25 percent, menopause is the cause. During this time, women can experience hormonal imbalance that makes the body vulnerable to diseases stemming from breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, uterine cancer and more (https://www.northnewjerseyhcg.com/). It’s been proven that Estrogen in an equal balance with Progesterone can protect the body against these known diseases as one ages. Post-Menopausal women that have balanced hormones with Bio-identical hormones had better health for longer periods of time than those that didn’t. What makes us age is the loss of hormones. Most don’t realize this until we lose them and fail to understand their benefits. It is important to replace our younger Bio-identical hormones with the same ones we are missing. Using Bio-identical Estrogen and Progesterone can prevent heart disease, stroke and memory disorders to name a few. It also can improve ones skin tone, sagging breasts and sex drive. Chemically altered synthetic hormonal replacement can harm your body if it doesn’t recognize what you’ve naturally had before. A Natural Progesterone doesn’t produce side effects, where as a synthetic hormone can. Dr. Johanan Rand is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers located in New Jersey. He has created an anti-aging program tailored to your specific body type. This also includes running extensive blood tests. Dr. Johanan Rand is board-certified in anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine and functional medicine. He focuses on treating and healing the whole person, not just one part of the body. Dr. Rand works tirelessly with patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. He has traveled all over the country to attend seminars and lectures learning more about anti-aging and how better to implement his findings into his current program. In China, Dr. Johanan is a consultant to Elite Health care. He remains an active member of the prestigious Age Management Group and A4M society. It is through constant research and persistently staying up to date about healthy aging that gives Dr. Rand and opportunity to change the lives of his patients one by one.


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