The Many Hats and Expertise of Dr. Mark Holterman

High standing in his community and profession, Dr. Mark Holterman is a trusted man. He has received more than a few accolades, earning the title of one of America’s top doctors several years in a row and also winning the Patients’ Choice Award three different times (Releasefact). With the many hats the doctor wears, it’s hard to see how he finds the time for it all.



One of Dr. Mark Holterman’s many roles is that of a surgeon. He attend both Yale University, where he was a medical scholar, and the University of Virginia School of Medicine. It was there that he completed his residency. He then completed his fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle for pediatric surgery.



Aiming to train medical students primarily overseas in Vietnam, where he works with an educational organization, Holterman has become a teacher that others can learn from. The International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for Children offers medical classes in Vietnam and brings Vietnamese doctors to the U.S. to provide them with beneficial interactions with experienced medical professionals.



Mariam Global Health searches for the most promising medical startups to offer them funding. With managerial assistance provided as those, those companies then have everything they need to succeed. Holterman is the leader of this company and has used his expertise to shape medical companies worldwide. He has also co-founded additional businesses who have the primary goal of financing medical research and developing new treatments.


More About Dr. Mark Holterman

Mark started out as a simple farm boy from Wisconsin. Who knew he would go onto become a well-respected surgeon, leader, and teacher in this country and others? After graduation he moved to Connecticut to attend Yale, and followed his dreams to other schools and locales before primarily settling in Chicago.

It was at the University of Virginia, Mark’s second school, where he found love. With a different surgical passion at first, it was Mark’s love for his budding profession that inspired Dr. Ai-Xuan Holterman to join the pediatric surgical field. They now work together to help patients and inspire others.


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