Transform Your Well-being With Dr. Dov Rand

Dr. Dov Rand is a top anti-aging, weight loss, and regenerative medicine specialist in Northern New Jersey. Before working at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers of West Orange New Jersey, Dr. Dov Rand’s training came from the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York ( The extensive knowledge and training that he gained with studying at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, has made him more than capable of bringing his patients the best care out there.

Some of the full-service programs Dr. Dov Rand has in place at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers range from. He has a multiple of choices when it comes to finding a solution that works best for them to lose weight, and also they are there for you if you are in need of anti-aging medical treatment, and lastly, nutrient therapy.



Dealing with ailments is not easy, especially when things need to get accomplished on a daily basis, so what Dr. Dov Rand does is customize your prescription for those ailments. At the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, the key to their success has been able to have people’s overall health increase dramatically, utilizing their innovative nutrient therapy. When it comes to your weight and you have specific questions regarding the process of how exercise and dietary pertains to your lifestyle, Dr. Dov Rand and the clinicians at the Healthy Aging Medical Center will go over a wide-range of options that works best for you.

If you believe you have certain food allergies, or would like to be tested at their center, this is a service they provide as well. With the way the internet is taking over in today’s society, you are able to have more access to how people feel about their positive experience working with Dr. Dov Rand and the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, giving their testimonials on various platforms on how their energy has just transformed using their programs!


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