Michael Lacey expresses his Anger in Response to Trump’s Pardon to Sheriff Arpaio

When old scars are opened, they hurt worse than they did in the past. Unfortunately, some people in the state seem to have a right to get away with evil deeds all the time, while others suffer the consequences. The Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio who claimed to be America’s toughest Sheriff is a liability to the community.

When he lost in his race as the Sheriff, the occupants thought it was his time to pay for all his misdoings. However, losing the candidacy still never seemed to equate the brutality everyone had faced in his hands. In fact, after losing this seat, Joe Arpaio has announced that he is running for the Senate seat. This seems like an insult to the residents of Arizona.

Michael Lacey is very bitter when he recalls everything that happened years ago. It was all triggered by an article about the evil deeds of the Maricopa County Sheriff that Lacey and Larkin published in the Phoenix New Times. When the civilians saw the article, they thought the two journalists had lost their mind. The Sheriff was a respected and feared personality in the society, and no one could have ever tried to cross his path.

As speculated, the Sheriff was very agitated by the actions of Lacey and Larkin. He ordered his goons to arrest them at their homes at midnight, which they did and drove them to an unknown location. The residents demonstrated and demanded their release. The demos let to the two being released in less than 24 hours.

Later, they filed a case against Arpaio. The judge considered the rest unlawful as it never followed the legal procedure. They also received an apprehension compensation of $3.75 million. These funds were used to set up the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund offers financial support to the humanitarian groups in Arizona who advocate for freedom of expression and the implementation of civil and human rights.

Besides this ugly incidence, Lacey recalls how inmates in the cells that Arpaio built to accommodate the overflow in the correctional services suffered. They were many suicidal cases in the facilities. The convicts were also brutally punished.

Among the worst scenarios is a diabetic woman who went into a coma due to lack of medication. Women who gave birth in the facilities suffered as they were shackled in their beds.

This is why when it was announced that the Sheriff was to serve a jail sentence after disobeying a federal order everyone was so relieved. However, this will not happen because Donald Trump has pardoned the 85-year-old Sheriff. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Having been an active supporter of Donald Trump seems to have been a wise move. When Donald Trump was fighting against Barack Obama, the Sheriff supported him and allegedly accused Barack Obama of faking his birth certificate. This political support he offered Trump has hugely paid off.

Michael Lacey is not ready to sit back and watch the Sheriff walk away with his evil deeds. He is ready to start the fight all over again until justice is served.

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