David Giertz Explains the Importance of Social Security for Financial Clients

Ask any financial services professional, and they will tell that the importance of social security for retirement planning cannot be understated. Unfortunately, however, it is kind of the elephant in the room. As a financial services professional, David Giertz believes that advisers are missing out on some serious opportunities by neglecting having a frank discussion with their clients over how to best utilize social security as another arsenal for their retirement nest egg.

Of course, David Giertz has done many interviews on the subject, including one where he discussed the tricky nature of social security. He said that advisers just don’t talk to their clients about this subject, but he said that is an extremely unwise thing for them to neglect. He cited one particular survey which stated that many clients would actually change advisers if they failed to discuss their social security options with them. Moreover, he also said that there is a reason why some financial services professionals try to avoid discussing the subject.

David Giertz said the reason is actually very simple. Social security is an extremely complex subject. Indeed, Giertz noted that the social security rule book actually has over 2700 rules that someone would need to follow in order to effectively understand social security.

Giertz realizes that social security is even more important considering the fact that the pensions of yesteryear continue to vanish. In fact, fewer and fewer companies value loyalty anymore. “Lifers” these days are lucky to even get a retirement party, much less a pension.

Giertz is one of those financial professionals that you can definitely trust to give you a straight answer. He has worked for 31 years as an investment broker and he is proud to work for his company Nationwide Investment Services Corporation.

Besides his impressive credentials, David L Giertz has also passed four exams. Make no bones about it, this man is not going to steer you wrong when it comes to investing for retirement, social security, or any other financial security topic.

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