Lime Crime Finds The Solution To A Successful Launch In China

Due to the unique dynamics the cosmetics company Lime Crime was facing in China, they came up with a distinctive approach to launch their brand. As Lime Crime’s Global General Manager, Kim Walls believed China would have to be sold differently than in the past based on experience. She admitted she did not yet know how to sell them.

One of the problems was a mandate in China requiring all wholesale cosmetics to be animal tested. As a Vegan Brand, this is not something Lime Crime would simply not do, but they found out if their cosmetics were directly shipped from the United States, this requirement could be avoided.

This type of shipping to customers in China resulted in quite a few complicated issues regarding logistics, transportation, taxes, duties, international returns, and dealing with any inquiries from customers in a foreign language. The issue was made much worse due to counterfeits. More than a million Lime Crime counterfeit lip topper units were sold in the China marketplaces last year.

Prior to their launch in China, LimeCrime found the solution to their problem. They partnered with an e-commerce company in Los Angeles called Resolve. The company was expanding their e-commerce platform, and entering the field of beauty. According to Kim Walls the company was servicing the same type of consumer as Lime Crime, and their perspective was very similar.

Lime Crime built a Chinese seed audience for their official release into the country. The provided encouragement at websites and social feeds to visit the e-commerce service and website of Resolve. This effort informed the public that the country’s only legitimate product came from Resolve.

The fans already using Lime Crime were able to access the company’s e-commerce hub two-hours prior to the official launching. This prompted the spreading of a lot of word of mouth online. Lime Crime chose to advocate the people who had a passion for the brand despite them being relatively unknown. This provided the company individuals to talk about their brand on behalf of the company. The content they generated was a good fit for the brand.

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