The Contribution of Oncotarget to Healthcare

Oncotarget on T-cell recognition and immune checkpoints argues that various components in the human system play vital roles in protecting people from cancer. T-Cell dependent immune response to tumor antigens depicts a very important function in tumor immune surveillance. The critical effector cells of adaptive antitumor immunity are the activated cytotoxic t-lymphocytes. Tumors develop numerous techniques to prevent detection and elimination by the home immune system.

A developed knowledge of the particular activators and inhibitors of the immune system have brought about therapeutic developments and advancements in cancer treatment. There are several targetable immune checkpoint blockade molecules at the present time. Lymphocyte activation gene 3 works to significantly lower the immune response through regulatory cells and direct effects on the cells. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

The T-cell immunoglobulin domain and cumin domain -3 accelerates cell death to negatively control Tcl functions once it binds the ligand galectin-9. PDI -1 and CTLA-4 are the only ones that have proved to be clinically effective among all other inhibitory checkpoint molecules.

Oncotarget will now be publishing two issues a week which will be available in PubMed and other highly profile scientific Research Indexes and Archives.

It is an exceptional multidisciplinary bio-medical magazine. It works uniformly with all the extraordinary profile methodical indexes and collections to make scientific results vastly and largely available and accessible to the investigators in the health field. It also focuses on providing legitimate information practitioners in different medical fields and the public in general. It will therefore be publishing two articles a week in order to trigger the indexing procedural measures and actions. Learn more at

Articles will appear in PubMed perpetually once they have been attached the page and issue statistics. It offers general research covering topics on oncology like immunology and aging, pathology and chromosomes among others. It has published numerous volumes and issues since its establishment. The organization gives every published paper a direct object identifier and applies the necessary approvals of the committee on public integrity to all published and cited works in general. It looks forward to wide scale publication of information on bio-medical research and other key fields to the present generation.

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