CEO Troy McQuagge Awarded Due to Excellence

Health insurance sector is growing fast as a result of excellent services from health insurance providers. The health providers need to have managerial skills to grow and expand.

Therefore CEOs like Troy McQuagge need to be rewarded due to their excellence in the competitive industry. Troy is the CEO of USHEALTH Group, and he has helped the company in growing its customer base and make more revenue.

In 2010, Troy joined USHEALTH, and he started working towards his goal of making the company better. He transformed the distribution agency to have more advisors who will help in representing the company’s products to clients. USHEALTH Advisors was improved by McQuagge leadership and managerial tactics. He knew very well the company will be more competitive and that will lead to profitability and growth.

With hard work, determination and experience of over 30 years in health insurance sector, Troy made USHEALTH Group better. In 2016, One Planet Award named Troy McQuagge as the CEO of the year Gold Winner.

This award is coveted by many as it is a global premier award program recognizing professional and business excellence worldwide. Many companies submit their nominations no matter their sizes, profit or nonprofit to receive the prestigious award.

Troy McQuagge said that he was delighted to be awarded and the recognition brought motivation to his work. He also said that the award was for all USHEALTH Group as they work as a team to deliver quality services to health insurance clients.

He has helped the company in developing affordable health insurance policies that solve many clients’ healthcare needs. With teamwork and dedication to providing credible health insurance services, Troy is confident the USHEALTH Group will continue to serve and provide pocket-friendly health insurance services.

Troy McQuagge was born in Florida where he grew up. Troy attended the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a B.A degree. His desires to become an influential person in his career always made him search for greatness. Therefore, he secured a job at Allstate insurance company. He worked hard and ensured he climbed the ladder in managerial positions.

In 1997 Troy was promoted to a president position at United Insurance company’s Agency. In 2006 the firm was sold and rebranded to Health Market Group, but Troy was retained. He was to manage all sales of the company.

While at Health Market Group he helped the company in making sales of over $1 billion annually. He also helped in raising share price to $55 from $2 per share. His experience and leadership qualities made him join USHEALTH Group where he was tasked with more challenging tasks, and he delivered.

He is dedicated to helping the company in the development, and he is confident the company will continue to dominate in health insurance provision.

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