Why Should You Buy EOS Lip Balm?

Many women suffer from chapped and/or dry lips. You likely already know to use lip balm for this. The problem is, most lip balms have such a dull, tasteless feel to them, read more. There is a solution, we are hereby introducing you to EOS Lip Balm. EOS stands for “evolution of smooth.” These are natural lip care products that contain the best ingredients with enticing scents and flavors. Ladies, if you have not yet tried them, you are definitely missing out!

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Whether you are brand new to EOS Lip Balm or are already a huge fan, you ought to be interested in this news. The genius behind this superb product is starting “new vegan crystal flavors,” which should be on the market at any time now. These new flavors are clear in appearance. This means you can wear them on top of your lipstick and be able to see the lipstick clearly. They are totally free of animal by-products and are produced organically.

So, how are customers reacting to these new EOS Lip Balm flavors? Very well indeed, they are flying off the shelves quicker than cosmetic departments can stock them. Loyal customers didn’t really need much persuading to buy them, however they are anyhow. New customers to EOS are also scooping up these new flavors. All EOS products are easy to spot in their iconic little containers, you may purchase it here at allure.com. Your local cosmetic person should be able to direct you to their spot in the store.

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If you are hesitant to try EOS Lip Balm because you have allergies to a lot of cosmetics, take heart! These little gems are hypoallergenic and have been tested by dermatologists. Not only that, but they are free of glutens and contain vitamins. EOS will make your lips feel so soft and moist. You will never hesitate to kiss your spouse again. Find these heavenly creations at your nearest store’s cosmetic department or go online to the website of EOS aka www.evolutionofsmooth.com. But hurry, they are selling out very fast!


The Arrest of Lacey and Larkin

It’s something about corrupt law enforcers that makes them believe they’re invincible. When cops go bad, they go really bad. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is one of the worst crooked cops since the late 20s. In 2007, he became fed up with a certain news publication constantly writing about all his shady dealings.

That October, he sent his special “Selective Enforcement Unit” to the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, co-founders of Phoenix New Times.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were ripped from their homes in the middle of the night, shoved into unmarked SUVs with foreign license plates, and driven to separate jails.

As more details about their “arrest” came out, it seemed more like a cinematic kidnapping. The biggest shock is that everything was instigated by Sheriff Arpaio. He had no real evidence of any crime being committed, yet he used numerous grand jury subpoenas to do his bidding.

Phoenix New Times has several evidence-supported stories about Arpaio abusing his authority. While many Arizona believed Arpaio to be a benign character, New Times revealed his abuse of jail inmates, Mexican emigrants, and other actions involving racial profiling.

Arpaio’s most shocking act was getting a grand jury subpoena to force Lacey and Larkin to identify anyone who’d been reading their stories about him.

The charges filed against Lacey and Larkin accused them of not cooperating with law enforcement, which they weren’t. Arpaio wanted the names of anyone involved with New Times, including IP addresses; Lacey and Larkin refused. For that, they were jailed miles away from each other.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago; reporters were assaulted in such a way. Arpaio’s actions cost Maricopa County $3.75 million in a lawsuit filed by Lacey and Larkin. They donated all the money to migrant rights organizations. They also used some of the money to create their own free speech fund: the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey’s father is was a construction worker. Lacey didn’t have high hopes for his own career but understood the value of education. While attending Arizona State University, he met Jim Larkin. The two immediately hit it off while writing a paper about the ultra-conservative media’s coverage of on-campus antiwar protests.

Unlike Lacey, Jim Larkin is an Arizona native. Though he and Lacey didn’t know each other that long, they dropped out together and started a business. It’s didn’t take long for them to find their rhythm.

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Different Issues of Life and Relationships Addressed by Talkspace

Anyone that is looking for advice on how to deal with various life issues don’t need to look any further than Talkspace. There are tons of topics that deal with issues such as mood disorders and dysfunctional relationships. Readers will get all of the tools they need in order to deal with the issues that they have been faced with in their day to day lives. It also helps people know that they are not alone or dealing with anything new. This not only gives them enough encouragement to successfully cope, but also find a way to break out of this circumstance.

Talkspace also provides new insights on issues such as depression. For one thing, it has addressed the stigma that comes with depression. One of the best aspects of Talkspace is that it allows people to have therapy. For one thing, there are therapists that Talkspace will introduce the reader to. One thing that Talkspace makes clear is that the therapists that are working with clients are every bit as unique as the clients that come to their offices. Among the things that make the therapists unique is their own background and why they wanted to become a therapist.

One thing that can be said about different issues in life such as trauma and other related issues is that in many cases, they can’t be overcome alone. People often need the help and the support of others so that they can heal from the trauma the right way. People who try to go at it alone are vulnerable to some major traps that can actually leave them in a worse condition in life than before. This is one of the reasons that Talkspace has been set up. One thing that the site hopes to achieve is to encourage the person to open up.

How Sheldon Lavin Progressively Developed the OSI Group into a Multi-billion Dollar Enterprise

When you think of Sheldon Lavin, he is undeniably one of the most accomplished and decorated entrepreneurs in the U.S and beyond. As the CEO of the OSI Group, Mr. Lavin is credited with harnessing his vast experience and technical excellence to invigorate creativity and productivity. With over four decades’ worth of experience, the former investment banker possesses that unique ability to turn ideas into
profitable businesses.

More importantly, Sheldon Lavin is credited with developing the OSI Group from a small burger enterprise into a global entity staffed by over 20,000 people. Prior to holding such an esteemed position, Sheldon Lavin’s resume boasts of powerful positions such as President of OSI International Foods Ltd, General Trustee of Rush University Medical Center, and a seasoned Director of National Fish & Wildlife

Before serving as the CEO, Sheldon Lavin had remarkably built a reputation based on his unrivaled attention to detail as a meat supplier. This zealous attitude prompted his immense admiration while working with Otto & Sons. Due to his unmatched knowledge and expertise, he secured Otto & Sons additional funding to run operations smoothly. Having played such an integral role, it was only a matter of time before OSI Group came calling for Lavin’s services, an opportunity he found quite hard to resist.

Contributions at OSI Group

While at the company, Sheldon made a significant breakthrough when he procured ownership shares from the company’s two principal shareholders. Despite his age, Sheldon Lavin progressively built the company by opening an additional 55 factories to the company’s portfolio. Moreover, the factories spanned across the Philippines, South America, India, and Australia among others.

Sheldon Lavin was recently awarded the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy as a testament to his success. The Award recognizes and credits personalities that have made significant contributions by demonstrating persistence and perseverance to attain set goals. Lavin’s most notable contribution lies in guiding the company from a domestic institution into a multibillion-dollar entity represented in more than 60 branches in 16 countries.

Alternatively, the company also made an indelible mark by opening a branch in India known as OS-Vista Processed Foods. Since its inception in 1995, the company has been synonymous with providing custom processing of fruits, vegetables, and meat. With such an award, Lavin hopes to inspire upcoming entrepreneurs by serving as a beacon of hope not only in the US but also globally.

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