EOS Lip Balm Review Showcases Vegan Lip Balm

Big news coming from the lip balm industry surrounding EOS who has been creating a name for themselves during the last couple years. Their newest introduction is the new vegan flavored balm that has everyone talking. This new lip balm is all the buzz for those who are loyal to EOS. Because of the past ingredients used in EOS, there was talk to bring a vegan form out for those people who choose to not use products that contain any kind of animal fat in it.

Based on usmagazine.com, the new crystal flavored lip balm will appeal to a much broader audience which has been clearing shelves with the new additions to EOS. The iconic round sphere is what sets them apart from many other lip balm companies. In the newest addition, the vegan lip balm is still round like the others however the top of the sphere is see through allowing users to see the inside of the lip balm. For the loyal customers to EOS, this is just another reason to love EOS.

Evolution of Smooth, or as most know it by EOS is a leading competitor for lip balm, refer also to celiacandthebeast.com. Their ingredients are all natural which is why most people prefer them over other brands of lip balm. Their brands will bring moisture back to your lips quicker than most others. Not only does it offer your lips moisture but it also offers it the opportunity to be protected from the sun when you are out and about. All of this is done and yet you are still able to see the beauty of your own lips shine through the lip balm.

EOS is now also specializing in other areas as well such as lotion which helps to bring your skin back to life. If you have dry skin, try EOS for helping to relieve itchiness as well as replenishing moisture for dry skin.

See this awesome video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM!


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