The Future of Brown Agency

Are you the kind of person who’s interested in modeling? Are you the kind of person who may be interested in the entertainment industry as a whole? Brown Agency is one of the top model/talent agencies in the country, and it’s located right in Austin, Texas. This agency was once known as Wilhelmina, and it was a part of the Wilhelmina Network. In 2015, it was reintroduced to the public under a new banner and things took off in a good way. As of today, Brown Agency is a combination of talent and models. Thanks to its current president Justin Brown, the agency has raised its standards as well as the bar. President Brown had a vision of what he thought the company should be, and this vision has certainly paid off in huge dividends.


Brown Agency has done plenty of work for high profile brands. The list is rather extensive, but here are a few names.


  • Dell
  • L’oreal
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dodge
  • HBO
  • TNT Network
  • Instagram
  • And many more


“The agency is only as good as its talent,” President Brown said. This notion is personified to the fullest since most entertainment jobs require the talent to do more than just stand around. This is a full-service talent agency, and it’s breaking the mold with efficiency. Brown Agency does work with numerous types of business sectors such as industrial video, catalogue, print, fashion shows, runway, corporate events, promotional, television, commercial and many more. Every type of industry has been supplied with the company’s talent.




The future of modeling is looking mighty bright and this agency keeps its ear to the streets by hosting open calls. These open calls could uncover a huge surprise of an individual that could potentially become a breakout star. The business is more than just selection a pretty face, there is a lot of grooming and education that must be implemented into these novices. As of today, this agency is setting new trends, and it’s definitely changing the current status quo.

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