Lori Senecal Has Been Named the New CEO to an MDC Partner Network

A partner network to the MDC has appointed Lori Senecal to the post of their new CEO. This appointment comes after a long time serving as a chief executive officer of the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Agency. This position that she leaves behind will be taken up by Ed Borjedi. This is a move that is part of measures that the network has been taking since the beginning of last year to expand their reach and go international. Lori will be taking over the office this September and will also be joining the board of directors who oversee the holding company to the network.

In her new position, she will be Lori will be reporting directly to the overall head of the company, Miles Nandall. Miles commented on the new appointment, congratulating Lori for the achievements and stating that she had been given the responsibility because of her excellent track record as a leader. She had been part of the development of MDC’s model for strategic growth, and the model had achieved massive success. He added that the most commendable part of the job that Lori had been doing was the fact that she had been handling this project in an informal capacity and she had managed to make such a huge impact in the five years that she had been handling it. You can visit Adweek to know more.

Some of the managers at the company have been putting forward the suggestion that the firm needs to be a little more focused on their operations as opposed to their current model of operation. This is what led to the establishment of the agency. The main aim of making the change is to ensure that the company is ready if and when the time comes when they will have to make global pitches. Lori is the ideal person to head the mission because she has been massively successful in other projects similar to the agency. The management feels that her many years of experience will greatly benefit the company.

Lori Senecal responsibility in the office will be to work in liaison with the chief officer of operations Andre Coste. The acquisition of supportive partners to the agency was the first step towards ensuring the company was successful. Lori hails from Montreal in Quebec, Canada. She started school in Canada but moved to the US to study corporate law. She is married to Bill Grogan, and they are raising a beautiful family together. When she is not working, Lori takes part in various charity works.

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