Republican Top-Brass Who Voted For Repealing of Obama Care Rewarded by Super PAC

Believe it or not, Obama Care is gone and, that is the reality of life in 2017. President Trump and his administration finally mustered enough support to overturn the progress of the previous administration and replace it with the so-called, Trump Care. “After all”, the president remarked on CNBC, “I am president.”


Giant Leap Backwards


Many Americans detest the move and, they are deeply worried about the plight of the 24+ million people currently on the Obama health care plan. Others, however, are all for the move, hailing it one of the best things to ever happen to the Medicare industry in the nation all thanks to their president and savior, Donald Trump. All in all, this divisive decision is a huge step backward in the medical realm of the world’s most advanced nation. In as much as the Trump’s team calls for banning the initiative, it fails to suggest concrete solutions address the woes of folks living with cancer and other terminal conditions as they attempt to switch to an alternative health care plan and program. Thousands are expected to end up losing their lives as the constant political bickering gets in the way of doing what is right for Americans.


Celebrating the fall of Obama Care


To add salt to an open wound, there emerged shocking reports of how a particular Super PAC had budgeted to spend a whopping $2M to throw a party for the Republicans who had supported repealing the Obama Care Act and Program. The senators and the congressmen and women who lobbied for the bill to pass would receive monetary rewards deposited into their accounts for their stance. The group behind the $2M reward-program to the legislators is the American Action Network. These millions paid for advertisements on local television stations and on the web. The ad’s focused on a narrative which depicted Obama Care as evil and inefficient to the working class American.


About End Citizens United Group


In 2010, the United States Supreme Court shocked, not just the nation but, the entire world as well when they made a ruling called the ‘Citizens United’. Effectively, the proclamation gave political lobbyist’s groups the mandate to operate without any regulations whatsoever. Groups like, the American Action Group to cough up vast sums of money to directly influence the legislative process and this is something which ought to be put in check before it spirals out of control. Actually, it’s already way out of control with wealthy folks controlling government. End Citizens United was launched to try and counter the power and the influence of the nation’s billionaires. In the brief time the organization has been operational they’ve shown tremendous potential and ability. ECU plans to have raised well over $35 in two years’ time.

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