Eric Lefkofsky’s Pro-Active Entrepreneural Endeavors

While Eric Lefkofsky is a well established name within the business world his company called Groupon is better known in households across the country. The success of Mr. Lefkofsky’s Internet coupon business did not just happen overnight, like many other young entrepreneurs he went through a period of trial and error where he ran several different companies that never attained the type of success he wanted. Raised in a small town in Michigan, Eric went to the University of Michigan after graduating from his local high school. He graduated from Michigan’s University with honors and then went on to attend the state’s school of law where he obtained his Juris Doctor.  Read more on


Eric Lefkofsky is not one to sit idle for long. During the time he launched his second company called InnerWorkings, he also decided to share his business skills with others by teaching at business schools located within the Chicago area. The course he taught in disruptive business models eventually led him to write a best selling book on the same topic. Mr. Lefkofsky is also on the board of directors for both the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago Children’s Memorial Hospital. He and his wife Elizabeth have also established a trust fund to help support a variety of charitable organizations in the fields of science and education.


Eric Lefkofsky is also well known for his own philanthropic endeavors in the field of science. In 2016 he co-founded a company called Tempus. The purpose of this company was to create a way to effectively fight cancer. Through the technology devised by this company, physicians are better able to analyze the molecular data associated with the genetic code. This enables physicians around the world to provide care on a more personal level where they can make real time decisions. Eric Lefkofsky currently serves as the CEO for while retaining his position as Chairman for Groupon.


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