Ken Goodgame – An Astonishing Track Record of Success

The name of Kenneth Goodgame in the retail hardware industry evokes thoughts and sentiments of respect. In the hard-hitting and competitive area of selling tools and household repair items, Goodgame has certainly made his mark.

Most recently, as head of marketing for True Value Hardware, Goodgame became known as having the ability to get the job done, no matter what the odds might be in regard to previous issues. He has been known for his marketing expertise in merchandising concepts.

Known particularly for his “end cap” innovations, he was able to raise profits considerably in a formerly lackluster and laid back environment. Attractive end caps on aisles give consumers an instant look at what is available without having to actually enter the aisle. This concept gives a customer an easy look at what is available, as it is the area where customers first notice products as they walk through the store.

Over the years, Goodgame’s foresight and ingenuity have helped not only True Value, but Ace Hardware and several other companies rise to the top in new and revolutionary marketing strategies.

Just having Kenneth Goodgame on board gives a company enough confidence and esprit de corps to step out and take the competition by storm. Goodgame has become well-known for his ability to plan and run local promotions so that customers are willing to pay for items in local stores that they were formerly unaware even existed.

Goodgame’s success in marketing and merchandising goes back to his earlier days in marketing with solid success with Rubbermaid and Techtronic Industries. His success stems from his ability to create multi-million and billion dollar excellence in the OEM arena. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture, or in other words the ability to sell other companies’ products under a separate brand name of the company he works for.

Goodgame claims the momentum behind his success stems from a combination of aligning the marketing from a corporate standpoint, with complete engagement by employees. He keeps a close eye on key indicators as far as performance and quality assurance which give important measurements as the marketing project unfolds.

His track record speaks for itself, as every company with whom he has been involved, has had outstanding success.

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