Jason Halpern Heads JMH Development

When it comes to real estate, Jason Halpern is a man who knows the industry well. He has three generations of experience driving him. In 2010, Jason took over the family business and become the founder and managing partner of JMH Development. His father and grandfather were also in the business and when Jason took over, he made some slight changes.


JMH Development is a leading real estate development company and has many projects in highly desired locations in the United States. Recently, JMH Development was involved in turning a warehouse into luxury rental apartments in South Beach. This location is right on the water and has had a huge interest from the public. Also in South Beach, new condos were created with a unique design. This location is also right on the beach.


The projects that JMH Development works on can be found in highly sought after areas. Some of those are Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach. A lot of time and research goes into learning about the cities, the locations within the cities and which locations would be best for each project. Knowing as much about a location has been a key factor in helping JMH Development be successful.


Jason Halpern has a passion for historical buildings and structures. He is known for restoring these buildings and doing everything he can to keep its history part of the process. He also adds his own touch and makes the projects high end and appealing to the luxury customer.


In addition to all of his projects, Jason Halpern likes to give back. He is a huge donor to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY. This trauma center cares for the most severely injured patients offering services from open-heart surgery to reattaching limbs and everything in between. This center was named for Jason Halpern’s father who was killed in a powerboat racing accident.


The real estate development industry is a highly competitive industry. With the experience and the vision that Jason Halpern brings to his company and to his clients, it is no wonder that his company has been such a success. He has assembled a great team and they function wonderfully from the start of the project to the very end. The future looks very bright for Jason Halpern and his team at JMH Development.


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