Why Livio Bisterzo Is a Force to Reckon With In the Snack Industry

HIPPEAS has become the latest snack brand to venture into the U.S market with an aim of profiting from the large market base. Contrary to the common techniques used by competitors, HIPPEAS has opted to appeal to customers with a healthy diet conscious. Consumers are provided with numerous benefits by indulging in the healthy snack. For starters, the company has gone above and beyond to advise consumers to “give peas a chance” aside from reducing the ecological footprint.

Contents of the Snack

HIPPEAS possesses several ingredients and qualities guaranteed to captivate the taste buds of customers. An up-close analysis reveals that the chickpeas are gluten-free, organic, non-GMO and organic in nature. In addition, the snack, rich in fiber and protein, exhibits a crunchy sound upon consumption. Company officials have strived to develop several rich flavors to appeal to different types of consumers.

Currently, the snack brand has released tantalizing flavors as follows:

  • Sriracha Sunshine- such a flavor incorporates a sweet yet spicy jalapeño taste topped with paprika.
  • Maple Haze-the chickpeas brand consists of a sweet syrupy waft with an aromatic taste.
  • Pepper Power-the tantalizing taste consists of a pepper flavor with a sprinkle of salt.
  • Vegan White Cheddar-incorporates a waft of cheese flavor without the cheese.
  • Far Out Fajita-such a flavor is the most popular with paprika, cumin and chili puffs.
  • Happenin’ Hickory- consists of sweet tomato blended with garlic and onion with a mound of hickory.

According to Bisterzo, Green Park Brands CEO, “HIPPEAS possesses everything it needs to become the most popular snack brand worldwide.” Together with his team, he has ensured that HIPPEAS delivers a unique and satisfying package that meets the needs of consumers. Unlike its competitors, the snack brand adheres to two crucial philosophies: produce delicious snacks and make charitable contributions to develop a good reputation.

HIPPEAS’s partnership with Farm Africa is a testament to their commitment to making charitable contributions. The Foundation aims at alleviating hunger and poverty as well as uplifting the living standards of Eastern Africans. For each pack sold, the company has pledged to donate a percentage of the proceeds to supporting chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa.

Livio Bisterzo’s Profile

Mr. Bisterzo serves as the Founder and CEO of Green Park Holdings, a leading food service provider based in the U.S. As a CEO, Bisterzo is credited with developing HIPPEAS into a formidable snack brand with a huge potential for growth. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he encourages proprietors to exhibit leadership skills while promoting team-building within the workplace.

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Sujit Choudhry: Industry Expert on Comparative Constitutional Law

Currently there are many different legal systems in existence across the globe and the study of the similarities and differences of these systems is known as comparative law. This field is becoming increasing important due to the rise in economic globalization as well as internationalism, which advocates for more political and economic cooperation between various nations. Technically speaking, comparative law does not have any rules or regulations but it is a specific method for examining legal issues. Ultimately, the purposes of comparative law are to gain knowledge on presently used legal systems and determine ways to perfect these systems or contribute to the unification of several different systems in order to be maximize effectiveness. Understanding the law in multiple legal systems can aid in determining solutions for global legal issues such as human rights, criminal laws, environmental issues, labor laws, tax policies and intellectual property protection.


One of the world’s most renowned experts on comparative constitutional law is Sujit Choudhry. Choudhry has served as a top law professor at a multitude of prestigious institutions and most notably was named Dean of UC Berkeley School of Law. His extensive background and degrees in varying legal areas have allowed him to work as an expert in constitutional transitions in more than one country around the world.


Professor Choudhry has been published over ninety times and has a vast breadth of research experience that addresses many factors associated with comparative constitutional law. His research has investigated ways to improve and dissolve conflict in divided societies and analyzed the benefits that would come from the transition to more democratic systems in varying locations. In addition to these issues, he is also well versed on the relationships that exist between federal governments and state governments and has spoken about the dispersion of power from a central government to more local authorities. He has also been known to address issues around the legal rights of many different groups fighting for equality. He has made a point to increase accessibility to those interested in studying comparative law and is the founding director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions, the world’s first center focused on constitution building.

More information for Sujit Choudhry: https://play.google.com/store/books/author?id=Sujit+Choudhry&hl=en


A Holly Jolly Christmas


Christmas is a time of the year to get a little creative. Wengie has a few hacks that can make the holiday fun and memorable as well as a little more simple. Wrapping presents is one of the things that makes the holiday cheerful. However, you might see that the paper begins to unravel if you stand it in a corner or put it on a counter without using it for some time. Put an empty toilet paper roll around the center of the paper to keep it in place.


Keep track of your party cup or create fun party cups for a special event by adding a black ribbon around the center of a red cup. Add a gold button so that the cup looks like Santa’s suit. Make a small gift box for jewelry and other items that tend to get lost in larger boxes and bags by wrapping a bit of paper around a toilet paper roll. Make sure you fold and tape one end of the roll before putting the item inside. Fold and tape the other end before wrapping to create the small box. Make a fun wreath with a coat hangar by unbending it so that it’s a circle. Add ornaments of different colors that you slide so that they are close together, making a wreath that looks like it’s expensive when it actually only takes a few dollars to make. Protect all of the breakable ornaments by putting them in an egg carton before packing them away for the year.



Wengie Returns to Save the Day

Beauty, style and grace are perfect ways to describe Wengie. Myriads of women would fight to have Wengie’s top model looks, sadly, quite a number of those Wengie wannabes are lost when it comes to makeup. Over contouring, shading in the wrong places, plucking the eyebrows back too far, lipstick that smears as well as fades, it’s overwhelming for novices. Seeking online tutorials about the perfect smoky eye, most tend to finish looking identical to pandas. Delving into books about the perfect way to slim the face using a concealer with blush, some begin to appear as if they’ve gotten an unlucky spray tan.


Wonderful Wengie has a cure for all those who have makeup woes. Making life a bit easier for those who wish to find the perfect way to enhance their features without appearing unnatural, Wengie has a list of hacks she has personally tried that she passes on to her viewers.


Simplistic tips that seem shameful for one to have never thought of it before, such as using a pill organizer to keep your false eyelashes. Gently placing one in the day slot, one in the evening, assures that your lashes will not end up missing, will not become stuck together, plus will keep their shape without damage.


Painless pluck free eyebrow shaping has caused mishaps in the makeup world, from so much shading that a uni-brow starts to form, to missing the proper arch. Mathematics made simple, Wengie shows everyone how to use a simple triangular ruler to perfectly shape your brows giving them that model quality.


Waste not, want not is Wengie’s motto with another life hack that every nail polish lover will dance about. Eye shadows come in colors of every shade, so the makeup lover tends to buy them in bulk, ending up with so much, they’ll never apply each one. Sadly, those lonely shades will sit there waiting for their turn to be loved. Cry not, lovely colors. Wengie has come to your rescue by re-purposing those unique hues in a way no one saw coming, turning wasted eye shadows into fantastic polishes for your nails.


Desiring uncomplicated ways to acquire Wengie’s perfect look?


EOS Lip Balms Reputation Has Evolved Since Releasing In 2009

Lip balms were often overlooked by many people, especially since many seem to overlook the aspect of lip health, although it is important. Also, for a long time it was a hassle to find a good lip balm or a lip balm that could be purchased and used conveniently. This is how EOS lip balm was able to take the market by storm and build its reputation up to one of the best selling lip balms in the country.

Evolution of Smooth’s founders were inspired to create their brand after researching into the lip balm industry and realizing that it had mostly been abandoned by companies out there. Jonathon, Craig, and Mehra, Evolution of Smooth’s creators, saw this as an opportunity and decided to make their now widely popular EOS lip balm, which can be found at major retailers all over the world as well as on ULTA online. The best part is they are only a couple dollars per balm. See, http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm.

A large part of the demand for these lip balms was due to the fact that they are all natural and organic products, which matches the health trend people have been on for the past several years. They also offer a wide range of different smells, flavors, colors, and specific varieties for different purposes, such as their active smooth spheres, which contain SPF and are designed to last through rigorous activity. The best part about these unique Lucky Vitamin lip balms, all of which come in round spheres that twist and click together, is that they are only a few bucks each. Though they had a specific target audience, EOS lip balms appeal to many different groups, including kids, who love to play with the little sphere and smell their scents. EOS has both a YouTube and social media pages like Facebook for their consumers to find more information.


Just About Anyone Can Benefit When They Get A Magnises Membership

Anyone living in a major city can understand the fact that it can be hard if not impossible to get into certain events. Many young professionals may have had several problems in the past when they needed to take some time out to enjoy themselves, especially if they wanted to go to nightclubs or even concerts that were being held in town. Billy McFarland introduced the Magnises card after having constant get-togethers that resulted in many young people meeting others that they never would have come across before, and many people hit it off.

With young professionals being able to meet other professionals from industries that were not their own, it made many business relationships begin, and then the Magnises get-togethers grew into a full blown membership. Having a membership to Magnises means that the user of the card will be able to get access to some premier events that had previously been a problem to get into or were possibly even off-limits. There are many exclusive events that happen in large cities, such as wine or whiskey tasting events, exclusive concerts, meet and greets, and even popular events happen in major cities.

Young people, many of them are known as millennials, and they tend to be a group of people that like to have a lot of fun and like to explore their wild side at times. Being a Magnises member allows any millennial to get the most out of their membership, especially if they’ve chosen to add all the available passes from Magnises to their membership. Magnises offers a yearly membership that can be paid for all at one time, but the passes that are added to the membership can be paid for on a monthly basis. It’s up to the user to determine which passes would benefit them the most.

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The passes were added to the Magnises membership because they were deemed to be of great benefit to its user, but they are optional, so not every Magnises member will need them. The member can choose to go through the different passes and determine if they want to pay the monthly fee to get the pass on their membership. Since the Magnises Black Card is similar to using a credit card, not only can banking information be put on the card but also information about the passes that the member has with Magnises.

It’s also important for everyone to know that Magnises is available in several cities, but many people get the most out of their Magnises membership if they use the benefits in major cities like New York City and Washington DC. Any Magnises member who has just joined or is a previous Magnises member should consider going to the different functions that are held for Magnises members only. At these function, they’ll be able to meet others from their professional industry as well as other industries, but they’ll also be able to learn a lot more about what Magnises can offer them.

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The Raw Power of Markus Rothkranz

How to get exactly what you want – Markus Rothkranz

Mark Rothkranz is a health and fitness guru who espouses a raw foods diet and ultra-healthy lifestyle. With bleach blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and the body of an Olympian god, he commands attention. His charisma is a big draw in his videos and interviews. However, he delivers a substantive message with the aim of nothing less than literally saving the world.

Rothkranz’s website boldly declares the the the courage to change must be won on three fronts: health, love, and money. Rothkranz believes that rather than consuming medicines and supplements, people need to get rid of the unhealthy habits in their lives.

“This means not just learning to eat the way nature intended, but also having the courage to say goodbye to all the negative things in our life and follow the path we are destined for. We must have the courage to lose the negative people, relationships and jobs that drain our energy.”

Cara’s Amazing Raw Vegan Tabouli Recipe

He believes that stepping out of our comfort zones is the first step and attests that multiple near-death experiences and personal financial crises led him on a path to change. Rothkranz believes that we all have the power to heal ourselves naturally and prevent illness from taking over our bodies.

Rothkranz comes across as a self-aware and enlightened soul and his early life shows extraordinary aptitude in a number of fields.


At age 13, he built a scale model of Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.
At age 15, he was making movies.
Age 16 he won an automotive design contest.
At age 18, he copied a famous oil painting in a few days.

When he was 23, Markus started working in Hollywood doing special effects for movies like Total Recall, Die Hard and Red Planet. In 1994, he wrote and directed his own $2 million worldwide motion picture.

He has written several books on the subject, including, Heal Yourself 101 and Instructions for a New Life. It is worthwhile. Check out his message.

Speech of a Lifetime_Passionate Words to Live By: Markus Rothkranz

His current endeavors are directed at promoting food and life habits that he says produce anti-aging and disease eradication. These efforts center around a project called the World Health Project in which Rothkranz eschews the unhealthy lifestyle of much of the planet.

“Let’s take one example – beef. There are five times more cows in the United States than people! Over eighty percent of all agriculture in the the U.S. is used to grow food to feed cows, pigs and chickens. One cow eats, drinks and creates ten times more waste than a human. It takes more water to raise one cow than it does to float a battleship.”

Rothkranz’s facebook page features other balanced life gurus with health, food and life hacks to help followers on their path. It also contains positive testimonials by readers and fans that say his books and videos have changed their lives and agree that changing one life can lead to worldwide healing.

10 Questions with Markus Rothkranz

The Kabbalah Centre International Spreads Awareness of the Tree of Life

The Kabbalah (Heb. קַבָּלָה) is at the very heart of most Western mystical traditions. Although officially a part of the Jewish tradition, many other groups in the West have been influenced by the Kabbalah’s profound teachings. Today, many scholars of comparative religion are intrigued by the similarities between the Kabbalah and other mystical texts in both the West and the East. People involved in the New Age movement, as well as people interested in practicing magick, all look to the Kabbalistic texts for insight and guidance.

Kabbalists believe in one God, called Ein Sof (Heb. אין סוף), that was once pure immaterial mind. Over time, this God decided to concretize itself inside matter in order that it might better understand itself. Thus, we are all reflections and emanations of God. The sages tell us that we all have the potential to realize God’s unity within ourselves if we give ourselves over to the intensive internal spiritual practices outlined in the Kabbalah.

At the heart of most Kabbalistic teaching is the “Tree of Life” (Heb. עץ החיים). This important mystical symbol is used to teach students about the nature of the universe as the Kabbalists see it. The tree is broken into ten spheres, known as Sephirot (Heb. סְפִירוֹת‎‎), which are all interconnected. The top three spheres are called the Supernal Sephirot and are thought to exist in the ideal non-materialized world, while the bottom seven exist in the physical plane. The left pillar of the Tree of Life represents the feminine, and the right pillar represents the masculine. The middle pillar represents the union of father and mother.

There’s a great deal of profound wisdom people have been able to extract simply by studying the Tree of Life in great detail. The Kabbalah Centre International was established in 1984 to bring the teachings of the Kabbalah to a larger audience. The teachers at the Kabbalah Centre assume no prior knowledge of the Jewish tradition or Kabbalistic texts from their students. All these teachers ask from their students is as willingness to learn.

Many celebrities have frequented various Kabbalah Centre locations, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Mick Jagger. There are currently Kabbalah Centres in the USA, Europe, Israel, and the Americas.

James Dondero Now Sits On The Board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management, L.P., now sits on the Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. As Co-founder and President of Dallas based Highland Capital, an asset management firm, James Dondero should do well in this position for SMU.

Dondero’s endowment of the Highland Capital Management Tower Scholars is for the purpose of recognition and encouragement to students working towards careers in business. He is also supportive of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum which many people whether students or not, enjoy visiting.

In Dondero’s words he is “honored to assist” The Cox School which benefits the Dallas business community that Highland Capital is a part of. Most of the sitting Board members at SMU Cox are non-academics who offer advise on technique and strategy for the school.

Dondero is a busy man. As well as being Co-founder and President of a thriving company like Highland, he is also Chairman of NexBank, NexPoint, Cornerstone Healthcare, Residential Trust, and CCS Medical. Plus, he serves on the Board of Jernigan Capital and MGM Studios. Where he finds the time is a mystery, yet he does and according to his career path so far, he certainly knows what he’s doing.

Highland Capital was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. With about $16 billion in assets under their capable management, its not surprising that Highland’s business is global. Included among their clients are public pension plans, corporations, foundations, endowments, and several high net-worth people. You don’t get that kind of clientele without being the best in asset management, and putting the drive and energy into it that Dondero has.


James Dondero

Jason Halpern Heads JMH Development

When it comes to real estate, Jason Halpern is a man who knows the industry well. He has three generations of experience driving him. In 2010, Jason took over the family business and become the founder and managing partner of JMH Development. His father and grandfather were also in the business and when Jason took over, he made some slight changes.


JMH Development is a leading real estate development company and has many projects in highly desired locations in the United States. Recently, JMH Development was involved in turning a warehouse into luxury rental apartments in South Beach. This location is right on the water and has had a huge interest from the public. Also in South Beach, new condos were created with a unique design. This location is also right on the beach.


The projects that JMH Development works on can be found in highly sought after areas. Some of those are Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach. A lot of time and research goes into learning about the cities, the locations within the cities and which locations would be best for each project. Knowing as much about a location has been a key factor in helping JMH Development be successful.


Jason Halpern has a passion for historical buildings and structures. He is known for restoring these buildings and doing everything he can to keep its history part of the process. He also adds his own touch and makes the projects high end and appealing to the luxury customer.


In addition to all of his projects, Jason Halpern likes to give back. He is a huge donor to the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY. This trauma center cares for the most severely injured patients offering services from open-heart surgery to reattaching limbs and everything in between. This center was named for Jason Halpern’s father who was killed in a powerboat racing accident.


The real estate development industry is a highly competitive industry. With the experience and the vision that Jason Halpern brings to his company and to his clients, it is no wonder that his company has been such a success. He has assembled a great team and they function wonderfully from the start of the project to the very end. The future looks very bright for Jason Halpern and his team at JMH Development.