Nathaniel Ru Role in Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru loves Northern Thai food. For this reason, he has made Johnny Monis Little Serow in Washington DC his favorite restaurant. In 2007, Nathaniel Ru and some of his friends saw the need of opening a healthy eating restaurant in Georgetown. Since then, Nathaniel has acted as the Chief Executive Officer of this venture. Initially, he didn’t have prior experience managing such an enterprise. The other two co-founders were faced with the same dilemma. According to Nathaniel, the hardest thing when it comes to managing is building a team that you feel comfortable with. Nathaniel co-founded the Sweetgreen during his senior year at Georgetown.


Many years after they established this venture, the three are still involved with the running of Sweetgreen and are still concerned about the healthy dining options available in the restaurants. The success of Sweetgreen can be attributed to the core values of this company. The core values haven’t changed and have remained the same. They are:

  1. Win, win and win
  2. Think sustainably
  3. Keep it real
  4. Add sweet touch


  1. Make an impact.


These five values have had a significant impact on this business as they affect the decisions made by this business. They also affect the people the business decides to hire and also affects the way this venture goes about its success. The actions of this venture are also seen by the way they incorporate community service into their company. To ensure that they educate people especially young ones on the importance of healthy living, Sweetgreen has launched a program called Sweetgreen in Schools. They have also extended this program to the state level where they organize workshops. These workshops have been successfully implemented in States such as New York, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The program has interacted with more than 20,000 thousand students, and it’s still growing.


When the three co-founders came together, they were so green to the extent that they had never run a business before. They also didn’t have previous experience dealing with the food industry. However, what brought these three gentlemen together was much greater. They had a love for healthy living, they also loved food and wanted to solve a problem that was facing the society. They managed to write a business plan. They were also wise enough to seek counsel from experienced people such as other restaurant owners within the area as well as school faculty. The group was motivated by limited resources as their original location ended up being small. According to the three gentlemen, one factor that helped them achieve was the knowledge that they had learned in school.

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