Getting To Know Naomi Campbell

Those watching her strut her way around the runway in Milan for designer Donatella Versace, would have to agree. She may have inherited her supermodel talents from her mother, Valerie Morris, who was a Jamaican dancer, but Naomi herself studied ballet at the Italia Conti stage school in London. Born there in 1970, one of Campbell’s first performances was in 1977 when she made an appearance in Bob Marley’s music video “Is This Love.” She also appeared in other Madonna’s, “Erotica,” video and Michael Jackson’s “In The Closet,” and Culture Club’s, “I’ll Tumble For Ya.”

Campbell’s first cat-walk came in 1986 but acting was also a talent she decided to pursue. In addition to performing in music videos, Campbell was cast in sitcoms in the early to mid 1980’s such as The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In 2013, she created her own television reality series called The Face, and at one time even embarked on a singing career with a hit called “Love and Tears,” which sold over 1 million copies. Most recently, she has had more dramatic roles in series such as Undercover and Empire but you can currently catch Campbell in a recurring role on the Fox series, Star. In this brand new series, she plays the mother of a young singer whose dreams of being a star takes her into the cut-throat side of the music industry.

In addition to having a successful modeling and acting career, Naomi Campbell has been known break social barriers. She was the first black woman model to grace the covers of both French Vogue and Time, and is an adversary for encouraging diversity on the runways.

Naomi Campbell’s resume is that of a super model, an actress, a singer and a role model for women of all ages.

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