Adam Milstein Is One Of The Most Influential Jews In The World

The Jerusalem post released its annual list of the 50 Jews who it considers the most influential. One of the people on the list is an Israeli American businessman and philanthropist named Adam Milstein. Ranked number 39 on the list, Adam Milstein was included among the list that includes famous Jewish entertainers such as Sarah Silverman, Jewish advocates such as Natan Sharansky and Jewish statesmen like Prime Minister of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The award is a great honor and Adam Milstein says he is very humbled to be included in a list that features some of the world’s greatest figures and leaders in the arts, business, politics and philanthropy. The top 50 list considers which Jews not only have already made an impact, but have the potential to make a big impact on Jewish life in the future. The reason why Adam Milstein was chosen has predominately to do with his work at the Israeli American Council.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli American Council and now serves as the chairman of the organization. He was instrumental in its expansion from a local organization in Los Angeles, to a national body that fosters cooperation between Israeli Jews in Israel and the United States. Mr. Milstein is also involved in a lot of other Jewish charities and organizations.

Adam Milstein has also established a foundation called the Milstein Family Foundation. Through his family foundation, Adam Milstein and his wife Gila empower and endow dozens of Jewish charities, scholarships, non-profits and pro-Israel advocate groups. Here are just some of the charities that receive grants or support from the Milstein Family Foundation. They include the American Society for Yad Vashem which teaches people about the Holocaust, Hillel, which serves Jewish students on college campuses and Birthright Israel, which provides Jewish Americans the chance to connect with their Jewish heritage in Israel through trips and educational experiences.

Mr. Milstein now resides in California with his wife Gila and their three children. He works for a real estate development firm called Hager Pacific Properties. Adam Milstein is a veteran of the Yom Kippur War, a war where Isreal successfully repealed attacks by Egyptian and Arab forces.

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