Securus Technologies Gives Clarification on the GTL’s Misleading Press Release

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of the criminal justice technology solutions to the incarcerated. Their goal is to improve the experience of the inmates during the incarceration period while at the same time ensuring public safety. Their services include emergency response, incident management, public information, communication, verification, running investigations, biometric analysis, and monitoring of products and services. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas offering services to over 3450 correctional facilities and over 1.2 million inmates in North America. Visit here.


Securus Technologies has hundreds of patents, and it recently gave corrections of the inaccurate and misleading press release by the Global Tel Link’s (GTL).  Securus made it clear that PTAB did not validate the patent and GTL will not have the ability to seek an injunction. GTL went ahead and claimed that PTAB had preserved 55 claims of the 816 patent that allows monitoring of the video visitations for security purposes in the correctional facilities. On the contrary, Securus stated that the lawsuit that GTL filed against them consists of one independent claim and the other claims are dependent of the 816 patent. They clarified that GTL does not have the security feature in the one independent claim.


Secures technologies made the clarifications of four other inaccurate claims stated by GTL press release and confirmed that they would continue to defend themselves against the companies attacks. Pursuing a patent litigation may take GTL several years and requires a lot of income and Securus CEO, Richard A Smith questions whether this serves the interests of the company including their financial goals. However, Mr. Smith stated his company’s interests to initiate its technology bake-challenge for the second time with GTL who they did not respond to earlier.


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