Being A Unicorn Doesn’t Change JustFab Or Adam Goldenberg

Sometimes when a company becomes really big or reaches a billion dollar net worth, all that money can get to its head and it starts changing the way it is run. But not JustFab, Adam Goldenberg’s company which was just recently valuate at over $1 billion. Adam Goldenberg told VatorTV he doesn’t believe this accomplishment changes any of JustFab’s business philosophies or practices, and that JustFab intends to remain true to form. He spoke of how a lot of valuations have yielded billion dollar enterprises on Huffington Post that may be appraised at more than they’re worth, but that these new companies are going to be taking over the void left by the “dinosaur” companies.

Adam Goldenberg’s company is one that has taken the online fashion shopping market by storm, offering a new way to shop that few other companies offer. But Goldenberg wasn’t always running a glitzy clothing shop. Goldenberg started out as a website developer and internet marketer, starting his first company when he was only 15. That company was Gamer’s Alliance, a popular place for gamers to find websites with the games they wanted. The company became such a hit that Intermix Media, an upstart digital media agency took interest in Goldenberg and hired him straight out of high school. Goldenberg became the youngest Chief Operating Officer on a publicly traded company at Intermix Media, and it was during this period that he met Don Ressler, the founder of

Goldenberg and Ressler had so much in common that they were able to become a dynamic business duo. While still at Intermix Media at, the two helped the company raise profits through Alena Media, a company they started up.

The two young entrepreneurs decided to experiment with different niches for their new business, and they went into the health and beauty industry. Adam Goldenberg started out marketing a variety of products, but then decided fashion was their main interest. So in 2010, JustFab was born. Goldenberg and Ressler invited fashion model Kimora Lee Simmons to join the team, and she helped bring incredibly stylish designs to the company, as well as a host of Twitter followers. JustFab also received rounds of venture capital funding through Josh Hannah of Matrix Partners, and several other capital groups. JustFab has also been endorsed by celebrities like Oliver and Kate Hudson.

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  1. But that company was put on the backburner when NewsCorp took over Intermix Media. At that point, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave. I also would like to write my papers and ensure it has enough of what I need all the time.

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