The Vision of Three Grads and Sweetgreens

Recently, three college graduates made the news, and it was all about their vision for a business they call Sweetgreens. Nathaniel Ru, along with two friends pondered what life would be like after graduation. They discussed the idea of startups and how these startups are impacting America’s world of business. Based out of Washington, Sweetgreens is quickly becoming the hip place to dine.


The idea behind Sweetgreens was to bring the freshest salad straight from the farm to the table, and it started with just one location in Georgetown initially. This startup location was launched in 2007 with the help of many friends and family members. There are not more than 30 locations across the country, with the expectation to open more stores in the near future.


Nathaniel Ru and his friends have been able to secure more than $95 in funding from venture capitalists, but they are also seeking expansion to at least reach 40 locations by the end of 2016. Ru and his friends credit their success to the fact that they all have parents that are entrepreneurs, so they didn’t expect to do business any other way than for themselves. These young men also credit discipline playing a huge role in their lives and backing their ambition.


Ru is known for his ever-popular statement that, “Everything you do should last longer than you.” Ru and his friends could never seem to find healthy places to eat while in college which prompted Ru to begin thinking about starting a new place for students to eat healthy. Convenience was another factor in finding food at any time of the day, but the foundation for Sweetgreens was a farm-to-table concept.


Recently, Ru spoke at the Wharton Marketing Conference, where he addressed marketing on a global level, as well as for the sake of giving consumers better choices. Ru knows that analytics are useful when searching for answers to what works in the marketplace, but when he was searching for space to rent for the new business, potential tenants did not believe that his idea would work.




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