The Contribution of Oncotarget to Healthcare

Oncotarget on T-cell recognition and immune checkpoints argues that various components in the human system play vital roles in protecting people from cancer. T-Cell dependent immune response to tumor antigens depicts a very important function in tumor immune surveillance. The critical effector cells of adaptive antitumor immunity are the activated cytotoxic t-lymphocytes. Tumors develop numerous techniques to prevent detection and elimination by the home immune system.

A developed knowledge of the particular activators and inhibitors of the immune system have brought about therapeutic developments and advancements in cancer treatment. There are several targetable immune checkpoint blockade molecules at the present time. Lymphocyte activation gene 3 works to significantly lower the immune response through regulatory cells and direct effects on the cells. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

The T-cell immunoglobulin domain and cumin domain -3 accelerates cell death to negatively control Tcl functions once it binds the ligand galectin-9. PDI -1 and CTLA-4 are the only ones that have proved to be clinically effective among all other inhibitory checkpoint molecules.

Oncotarget will now be publishing two issues a week which will be available in PubMed and other highly profile scientific Research Indexes and Archives.

It is an exceptional multidisciplinary bio-medical magazine. It works uniformly with all the extraordinary profile methodical indexes and collections to make scientific results vastly and largely available and accessible to the investigators in the health field. It also focuses on providing legitimate information practitioners in different medical fields and the public in general. It will therefore be publishing two articles a week in order to trigger the indexing procedural measures and actions. Learn more at

Articles will appear in PubMed perpetually once they have been attached the page and issue statistics. It offers general research covering topics on oncology like immunology and aging, pathology and chromosomes among others. It has published numerous volumes and issues since its establishment. The organization gives every published paper a direct object identifier and applies the necessary approvals of the committee on public integrity to all published and cited works in general. It looks forward to wide scale publication of information on bio-medical research and other key fields to the present generation.

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What You Need To Know Regarding the US HEALTH Advisors

US HEALTH is a group of companies, and the US HEALTH Advisors represents the group’s marketing arm. Its mandate involves marketing health coverage portfolio of uncompromising plans insured and underwritten by the USHEALTH Group of companies. They target the self-employed entrepreneurs, individual Americans, the small business owners, their employees and all the above dependents.

US Advisors together with the US HEALTH Group and its family companies focus on individual diverse healthcare needs for over 35 years. Their products mix offers opportunities to encourage the individual insurance growing needs in the face of rising healthcare costs.

The US Advisors Team acknowledges and appreciates the important role of their sales representatives in the success of the group. They provide them with the training and materials to help them succeed as well.

US HEALTH Advisors Salary

US Health Advisors advance on the percentage issued on commissions of the first year business on a weekly basis. The agents have an opportunity to earn a six-figure income through the monthly-earned commissions along with vested renewals. Agents are assured of reliable support to their policy holder as US HEALTH Advisors provides accurate and quick responses to policy and claims related questions.

US HEALTH Advisors have incorporated an exciting incentive program for all its agents. The have attainable bonus qualifying levels, and their maintenance is possible through regular submission of business. The sales team kept abreast of developments encouraging the free flow of ideas through the various avenues of communication.

US HEALTH Advisors Login

Once you login to the US HEALTH Advisors Porto, your career is enhanced through

  • Training – as an agent you get trained by a team of experts on how to serve the clients and on how to be on top of your game
  • Advancement- US HEALTH Advisors, has no limit as to how much an agent can earn or to the extent they can utilize their potential. They instead provide support and innovative products to enable its advisors to build a dynamic career.
  • Support- They offer real support by having real people backing up the agents by offering the necessary leadership and supplies the products that the client needs.

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Lifeline Screening for Everyone

There are a lot of times you might want to get a screening to see what your bone density is and how you can change things for the better. You may be wondering what Lifeline Screening can do for you.

What Screening Looks Like

When you are doing a Lifeline Screening, you might be thinking that you need to have your bone density checked. This is an easy test that takes only a minute to complete. They will measure the bones and see how they are. With these tests you will see where you are starting so you can improve the bone density you have already.

Why Get a Screening

The best reason to get a screening is to see what is going on. You may have something that is causing the bones to not be as healthy as they could be. You also may get information that will help you to get better and be healthier. This can help you to feel better and to have the stronger bones, but if you never went to the testing, you wouldn’t know.


After the screening is done you will get some information about your health and you will be given an option to go to the doctor to make sure everything is doing well and that you know what your options are. These tests are just a baseline to start with and after they are done, it’s up to you to know what to do next.

There are a lot of reasons a Lifeline Screening is a good choice for you. The bone density test is just one that they offer. If you want to take control of your health, you will need to do some of them and you will need to get the answers that will help you take control of your health and body. Take your time and find a great screening to get the best things you can out of your health. The last thing you want is to not be able to take care of yourself or know what is happening to your body. What are you waiting for? Get your testing today.

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Jason Hope Supports SENS Foundation’s Fight Against Age-Related Diseases

Jason Hope is one of the biggest contributors of the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops and promotes rejuvenation biotechnologies that focus on age-related diseases. SENS (Strategies of Engineered Negligible Senescence) Foundation has a network of researchers, scientists and prominent philanthropists. Jason Hope has been actively involved in enhancing the operations of the foundation, including donating towards its research prospects severally. For instance, Mr. Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in 2010 to help in advancing the rejuvenation solutions. His overwhelming contribution helped SENS to develop the Cambridge SENS lab. The organization used portion of the funds to launch a research program focusing on the breakdown of advanced glycation end products in human tissue.

While commenting on his support towards SENS, Hope said that foundations like SENS employ a unique biotechnical approach to fighting anti-aging diseases. Age-related diseases include diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis and heart and lung diseases. Traditional treatment aims to treat these conditions after they have been diagnosed in an individual. However, SENS aims to prevent these chronic conditions from occurring. The SENS Research Foundation’s annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is scheduled from August 23 to 23. The event will take place at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel and will feature the theme, “Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Diseases of Aging.”

According to Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation’s co-founder and chief science officer, their goal is to build an effective rejuvenation biotechnology industry. They seek to achieve this objective by enhancing the development of drugs through intensive collaboration with damage-repair professionalism. The Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference will feature a panel of industry experts who will share insights on various topics. The topics will include molecular and cellular damage as the cause of the aging diseases, building a rejuvenation biotechnology industry and advancing regenerative therapies in cancer and Parkinson’s disease. The event will also include a discussion of combinatorial and preventive strategies of age-related diseases.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope has had a successful career in entrepreneurship, philanthropy and futurism. He is a proud alumnus of the revered Arizona State University where he graduated with a degree in finance. Later, he enrolled at the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business to pursue a master’s degree. Owing to his extensive educational background and experience, Jason has achieved much success in the world of business. One of his achievements includes the establishment of a mobile communication company. Presently, Jason Hope invests in technology and computer information systems. As a futurist and technologist, Hope writes extensively on different technological trends, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

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EOS Introduces Vegan Crystals

Not quite a decade ago, Evolution of Smooth (EOS) changed the lip balm industry significantly. After the owners had a meeting with a buyer from Walgreens and convinced the buyer to feature the lip balm in the popular drug store, EOS products have been flying off the shelves as seen here at EOS is now second only to Burt’s Bees in terms of lip balm sales. The lip balms come in a variety of fruity and floral flavors, and are filled with natural ingredients that improve the health of the lips.

While EOS products were always made from quality ingredients, the only thing that made them non-vegan was beeswax. Now that this ingredient has been removed, EOS is proud to offer lip balm crystals, which come in flavors like Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The vegan lip balms also contain shea butter and coconut oil to keep lips shielded from harsh weather and prevent dryness and peeling.

EOS lip balms have also gained popularity in recent years because celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been seen using the products. EOS has also been featured in popular beauty magazines like Allure and Cosmo.

In addition to lip balms, EOS also offers shaving creams and hand lotions made from quality ingredients for the health-conscious consumer. For more information, visit


Scaling greater heights with Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, at age 81 is the CEO of OSI group. Mr. Lavin has a degree in finance and accounting. He received various awards from several business activities, he initially was running a financial consulting company before joining OSI Company that is in 1971. His firm was mainly working with food companies and advising them on how to acquire funding and how to manage these funds.

Through cooperation with this food companies, Mr. Lavin was given the opportunity to join OSI group where he was able to acquire 50% stake at the company and thus became the major shareholder and later on he was able to reach 100% of the company’s shares. As the CEO Sheldon Lavin has managed to propel the company to greater heights which were previously owned by a family. The company has managed to cross borders and is now present in 17 countries with over 40,000 employees in their 70 facilities. Sheldon Lavin also acknowledges the importance of modern technology and internet to businesses and through keeping up with the currents trends he has been able to keep the company relevant over the years.

With $6billion in revenues, the company has managed to be one of the top organization the under the management of Mr. Sheldon. His main aim was to make the facilities world-class with top class services. In an interview with Mr. Sheldon stated that he was able to take the company to greater height because of his management and the strict rules together with strategies he has put in place for employees. He ensures that the financing of the company is well managed with budgeting being limited. He, however, he says he is open to suggestions from his employees.

As the CEO of the OSI, Mr. Lavin has received various awards. In 2016 he received the global visionary award in India. The award was presented to him because of his contribution to humanity by assisting individuals in achieving their dreams. He also received a lifetime achievement award offered by RSM US LLP due to his service provision to the Chicago community.

Mr. Lavin is also involved in charity especially through the Ronald McDonald House Charity, United Negro College Fund, and Evans Scholarship Fund not to mention others. Through his contributions to these charities, a lot of people have been able to achieve their educational dreams. Sheldon Lavin believes in humility and working smart and from these virtues, he has been able to achieve a lot throughout his life.

Clay Siegal believes his company will cure cancer

Seattle Genetics is one of the fastest growing biotech firms in Washington. The company is headed by none other than Doctor Clay Siegal. He co-founded the company back in the year 1998. And ever since, Seattle Genetics has been on an upward trajectory with an approximate overall market valuation of $10 billion. Well, no one is surprised by this fact because the company had over 900 qualified employees and registered over $418 million in sales only in 2016. Plus since 2014, the company’s stock has risen over 46 percent to now going for $66 a share.

There is more meets the eye with this 18-year old company. It is one of the iconic firms of Seattle biotech community, and many are betting on its likely growth to be among the top biotech giants in the world.

Dr. Siegal says that he is there to see the company commercialize its extensive pipeline of drugs still under research, instead of just selling it to already established firms something that has been the industry tradition.

To realize this dream, Dr. Clay Siegal hopes to make the company more self-dependent by not only producing drugs but also handling all of the international marketing processes of its products. In the past, Seattle Genetics had sold its international commercial rights to Takeda Oncology.

Recently, Siegal made a bid of about $2 billion to acquire rights to sell its flagship drug, Adcetris used to cure cancer, worldwide. Even though they couldn’t succeed to secure the permission, it proved how determined Siegal is to make Seattle Genetics the top biotech company.

The company has focused all of its efforts on developing a drug known as antibody-drug conjugate or ADC. The drug is used to target antigens to enable it to kill cancerous cells by injecting toxin in a manner that researchers called ‘smart bomb.’ To illustrate their commitment, Seattle Genetics used over $376 million only in research.

It has over 11 pipelines of drugs that have great potential to treat famous illnesses. Among the 11, there are four that have already registered some success, and they include Adcetris used for lymphatic system cancer, 22ME aimed for bladder and other urothelial cancer, LIV1 for breast cancer and 33A used to fight myeloid leukemia.

About Clay Siegal

Dr. Siegal co-founded Seattle Genetics in the year 1998, and since 2002, he has been the CEO. He has led the company to be among the most promising companies in the fight against cancer. His education background shows someone with a lot of dedication and passion. Siegal obtained his doctorate from George Washington University and B.S in Zoology from the University of Maryland.

His experience of 20 years in cancer research is what makes him the perfect person to lead Seattle Genetics, not to mention his entrepreneurial character that has made one of the respected CEOs.

Daniel Taub Success in Increasing Trade between Israel and UK

Education and Work Background

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in the United Kingdom. He was educated at the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree. For his higher education, he attended University College, Oxford. He later attended University College in London and Harvard University. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

In 1989, he moved back to Israel and started serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a combat medic. Taub also served in the IDF’s international law sector as a reserve officer. He also became a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog. In 1991 he started working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry where he was the Principal Deputy Legal Advisor.

This is because he is a guru in international law and has specialized in laws of war. He had many legal, diplomatic and political posts in the ministry, one of them being a legal adviser to Israel’s United Nations missions in Geneva and New York.

Daniel Taub has been in office as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from June 2011 to September 2015. He currently works at Yad Hanadiv foundation as the Director of Strategy and Planning.

Israel-UK Trade

Taub had a firm emphasis regarding technology and trade links. He initiated the Bizcamp start-up competition in collaboration with Google. He was awarded the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award for developing trade through young startups.

Mr. Daniel Taub has been involved in interfaith and cross-cultural activities by going to teach the Bible and Hebrew and jointly holding cultural events with other ambassadors to reach out to different ethnic groups to the UK and Israeli community. He has taught Hebrew and the Bible at the Church of England Synod and in Westminster Abbey.

According to the Israeli embassy statement, there has been a significant increase in trade between Israel and the UK and a positive development in business, academic and cultural links between the two countries during Taub’s tenure as the Israeli Ambassador to the UK.

During the British Israeli Business Awards, Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, stated that trade in the two countries had entered a “golden era” and the annual trade is about 7 billion US dollars. There are around 300 businesses run by the Israeli in the UK.

In an interview held by the Jewish Chronicle in 2012, Daniel Taub warned college administrators to ensure that every opinion is expressed freely without intimidation regardless of the person’s ethnic or cultural background.

EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm Review

Evolution of Smooth, otherwise known as EOS, became popular when they introduced sphere-like packaging for their many tasty lip balms. This innovation was made to feel comfortable in your hand, taste good, smell good and have instantly recognizable almost sweet colors. The company has surpassed Chapstick and has become the second best selling lip balm with their great new look and appeal. Now there has been more evolution with EOS, as the Vegan Crystal lip balms are introduced. See also for product features.

Based on, there are two new flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, boast great natural oils like jojoba, coconut, and shea just like the others, but they are completely vegan with absolutely no beeswax! Along with all the natural oils and Vitamin E, fruit extract is used to get desirable flavors. All of this comes in a beautiful clear crystal dome, read review here.

Get these lip balms before its too late and they are all gone. They will be flying off the shelves this Christmas season. Even the original EOS lip balms contain natural oils and are hypoallergenic, paraben and petrolatum free. They also make hand lotions and creams just as wonderful as the lip balms, but anyone can wear the Vegan Crystal lip balm without worry and at an affordable price.

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Troy McQuagge Career and Top Leadership Roles at USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge is the current president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. He is a profounder entrepreneur and corporate executive from Panama City in Florida. Troy attended the University of Central Florida, and now works for USHEALTH. Troy has accumulated more than 30 years of active experience in various positions related to sales.

Early in his career, Troy worked as a sales representative for a health insurance firms. In 1983, he joined Allstate Insurance where he worked for several years. In 1995, Troy moved to UICI/Health Market and later joined USHEALTH Advisors as the president and chief executive officer in 2010. Troy has spent most of his career selling insurance products to clients below 65 years of age. USHEALTH Advisors runs as a subsidiary of USHEALTH Group with a primary goal of selling its competitive insurance plans and products.

Troy McQuagge was recently named the Gold Winner in prestigious One Plane Awards. This award was in honor of his global excellence in professionalism and business. The award involved for-profit and non-profit, and public and private start-ups regardless of the scale of operation.

The honorary award demonstrated the success achieved by USHEALTH Group. The company was also recognized for its commitment to making all health care services more affordable and available to many people. One Planet Awards are essentially conferred in different categories that include new products and services, Marketing, executives, PR, teams, and Corporate Communications.

Under Troy’s leadership at HealthMarkets, the Agency Marketing Group attained annual premium sales of $1 billion. This exemplary performance attracted Stevie Awards and enabled HealthMarkets to become the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company found in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company offers innovative health care coverage services to its clients who are mostly small business owners and self-employed. The company is primarily focused on combining various talents demonstrated by its employees in meeting the high market performance. USHEALTH Group houses several subsidiaries that offer unique services to various client categories. USHEALTH Advisors primarily markets the company’s insurance plans and offers personalized services to all its clients.

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