Beneful Looks After Your Best Friend

Taking care of your canine best friend is so much easier when you have found a brand of pet food that you can trust. This is the case when it comes to choosing Beneful. Where safety and quality are the top priorities, you will want that assurance when selecting the best food possible. Beneful takes away the worries about food safety by constant monitoring and tracking all raw ingredients that go into their dog foods.

Knowing that the best of ingredients go into their pet foods, the staff at Beneful set and follow standards that are stringent. They ensure that ingredients follow specific criteria, products are safe, sanitation is above par and manufacturing is pristine. Nothing but the highest quality ingredients are allowed with Beneful dog food. Beneful knows their suppliers and their reputation is built on this fact.

Many people do not realize how heavily monitored that pet food has become. Requirements are based on high regulatory requirements. At Beneful, there is already that standard set. All dog food products are produced to pass federal laws, FDA and USDA regulations. State laws are also a factor to address. Labeling and distribution laws are also followed exactly.

Ingredient specialists make sure that the North American Purina pet food plant is properly trained to sample and analyze grain. This ensures that only the highest quality grains are used in Beneful pet food. This is all part of the comprehensive food safety program.

People who buy Beneful dog food for their canine best friends can rest assured that their dogs will have nothing but real ingredients. This includes vegetables, grains, and real meat or poultry. There are even prepared meals that are ready to eat. These come in a nice, clear, resealable container. There truly is a special place where your canine best friend can dine. It is in the comfort of home and provided by their friends at Beneful.

Advances in Radiology that Save Lives

The recent advances in radiology have given doctors and surgeons the ability to find and treat serious diseases before they have a negative health impact on their patients. There have been many radiological advances, here are a few that are helping doctor’s diagnosis and treat more efficiently.

CT angiography has been said by some doctors to be one of the greatest advances in radiology. This new technology replaces the old way of doing a CT angiography, which in the past often required hours of scanning and in some cases a hospital stay to ensure no blood clots were created due to the testing. The way CT angiography is done today is a noninvasive way of getting the same information. This is done by injecting contrast material directly into the arm. Doing this allows the radiologist to examine the arteries in the lungs, kidneys, brain and even the legs. It is a much quicker procedure that is much safer than the earlier technique. In some cases CT scans and MRIs have replaced the need for exploratory surgery.

Combining the PET scan and CT scan has helped doctors in diagnosing cancer. Pet scans have been around for many years. Pet scans evaluate your biological function such as changes in blood flow or metabolic function. Some changes in metabolism are associated with cancer and can be identified easily by the PET scan. By doing a PET scan and CT scan together radiologists are able to look at changes in both metabolic function and anatomy.

Digital mammography, which is used for breast cancer screening is a great advance in imaging technology. Digital mammography has been found to be easier and faster to perform. Some doctors even claim that they create sharper images, making them easier to read. Having digital images also allows them to be shared with other doctors very easily through a traditional computer system.

Some radiologists are using open MRIs, which help reduce the feeling of claustrophobia for many patients. The use of open MRIs has been debated in the past, stating that they may not produce the best images. But, this debate has quieted over the years. It has been shown that open MRIs have many benefits including being able to examine the obese patient and giving every patient a greater feeling of comfort, which results in better test results.

A leader in the radiology field is Imaging Advantage. Imaging Advantage provides the most comprehensive radiology available while always focusing on the patient, making sure that their time with them goes smoothly with the least amount of discomfort and stress for the patient involved. They are a private imaging company that was awarded the CMS Healthcare Innovation Award for groundbreaking predictive technology. When you visit Imaging Advantage you are being tested by the latest advances in imaging technology and at the same time are receiving the best in patient care.

It is exciting to learn about these advances and even more exciting to think about the advances that will happen in the future.

The ‘Just Right’ Amount of Exercise

Too little, too much, too slow, too fast, always the word ‘too’ in front of what we think is the right amount of exercise. The experts can’t seem to agree on the best workout time for our health and longevity, so how are we supposed to know? Recent research conducted by the team of Crystal Hunt, which compared the health and longevity of several groups of people who exercised for differing amounts of time, may finally give us the right answer.
We are aware of the importance of regular exercise and know that if we’re couch potatoes we may shave a few years off of our expected lifespan. By the same token, we consider athletes who rigorous exercise for hours each week would have tremendously increased lifespans. Not exactly.
People who exercise for 10 hours or more each week don’t increase their lifespan any further than a person who exercises an hour and a half each week. An hour and a half, which translates into 3 – 30 minute workouts each week does increase the projected lifespan by 31%. That is the lowest recommended time for exercise by most experts and every little bit helps improve health and longevity, but exercise is not one of those things where if a little is good, a whole lot is better.
The research discovered that the ‘just right’ amount of exercise is slightly over an hour per day, 450 minutes total for the week. That sweet spot of exercise increases the lifespan by a projected 39%.

Young Boy With Pacemaker Inspires Many

A 7-year old boy named Carter Gentles has gone through many heart surgeries. Carter has a condition called congenital heart defect. People at Anastasia Date have read that the young boy has had this condition since birth, and many of the surgeries that he endures focus on recalibrating his pacemaker. Carter’s father Mark Gentles said that when Carter took off the bandages from his chest, the young boy cried for almost an hour. Mark Gentles posted a picture of Carter on Facebook to show him that it’s ok to have scars. Mark added a comment to the picture saying, “how many likes can Carter get for his bravery?”

After just a short while, Carter was astonished when he saw that he got millions of likes and thousands of reposts on his picture. Carter soon realized that there was nothing for him to be ashamed of. The picture of Carter Gentles and his scars have gone viral. Many parents have said that the picture has helped their own kids get through tough times. Carter Gentles is an inspiration to kids and adults all over the world. For more information on this story, visitBuzzfeed.
After just a short while, Carter was astonished when he saw that he got millions of likes and thousands of reposts on his picture. Carter soon realized that there was nothing for him to be ashamed of. The picture of Carter Gentles and his scars have gone viral. Many parents have said that the picture has helped their own kids get through tough times. Carter Gentles is an inspiration to kids and adults all over the world. For more information on this story, visitBuzzfeed.

Renowned Dallas Based Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most well-known and trusted plastic surgeons in not just Dallas or Texas but throughout the world. He has been featured on such diverse and nationally syndicated shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and met with the ladies on The View.

Dr. Rohrich has been recognized by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in Dallas as well as one of the Best Doctors in America. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Surgery and he is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. In addition to his regular duties as a Dallas based Plastic Surgeon, he also holds a position as Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

One of Dr. Rohrich’s specialities is breast augmentation. He understands that many women seek this procedure out for a variety of reasons. Perhaps breasts have undergone change due to weight loss, child birth or as a natural part of the aging process. Women who have undergone this procedure not only feel an improved physical appearance but can also feel the mental effects through improved self-esteem. Along with his trusted team of professionals Dr. Rohrich will guide you through this life altering process as you pick the shape and size that suits you best. However, Dr. Rohrich wants any potential patient to understand that this procedure will not give you perfection but will instead offer measurable improvements in the patients over all outlook. Dr. Rohrich believes in a more patient centered approach to breast augmentation. He will work closely with the candidate to ensure that the procedure is not only right for her but also so she can get the experience and outcome that she most realistically desires.

In addition to breast augmentation Dr. Rohrich offers many other plastic surgery procedures. Once again, he wants the patient to understand that perceived perfection is not supposed to be the outcome of any surgery and these surgery options should not be taken lightly. Therefore, with through close consultation Dr. Rohrich will discuss options for face lifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction, or body lifts. He also offer non-invasive procedures such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

Dr. Rohrich has over 30 years experience in the plastic surgery field and his innovative approach has helped well over 1,500 patients improve their body images.

Get Active

Staying in shape is important for everyone; old, young and especially pregnant women. More and more women are severely overweight before and during their pregnancy. This poses a major health risk for all parties involved. Women who are overweight to this extreme are more likely to give birth to extremely large babies. This poses a serious problem at the time of delivery as the baby may be too large for a vaginal birth. Even before the time of delivery, women who are overweight have a higher frequency of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.

Preeclampsia is a life-threathening condition that affects pregnant women. Overweight pregnant women are three times more likely to develop this condition, which can cause severely elevated blood pressure, organ dysfunction and seizures.

Christian Broda has learned that the best way to avoid the possibility of complications is to maintain a healthy weight before, during and after pregnancy. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are key to having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

How Much Time Different Nations Spend Cooking

Meals get more complex when you examine the menus of southern countries, compared to the northern ones. At least you can easily draw that conclusion from the statistics released online, where Indians seem to be the most dedicated cooks, with an average of 13.2 hours spent in the kitchen, preoccupied with the food, according to WetSealInc.

Eastern Europe, namely Ukraine is close to scoring the same amount of time with 13.1 weekly hours on average. South Africans, who take about 9.5 hours to cook their favorite dishes, and Indonesians with 8.3 hours are in the top as well. Italy ranks surprisingly far in the statistics, with 7.1 hours spent in cooking. The nation is known for the love towards a good consistent meal and long hours of talking at the table though. Brazil, Turkey, and South Korea were at the bottom of the list, with around four hours/ week spent for cooking. The US participated in the survey as well, ranking in the middle.

An influencing factor can be the number of ingredients and the complexity of the dishes. Each nation have their own values and tries to keep to it. Less the countries where people prefer the take-aways, as warming up the food in the microwave does not consume too much time weekly.

California Appeals Court Rules That Yoga Taught In School Does Not Violate Students Religious Rights

One San Diego County School Was Teaching Yoga As An Alternative To Regular Gym Class

The religious wave we have experienced for the last 2,000 years is being distorted in so many ways these days. It’s hard to keep track of all the foolishness that invades our religious belief structure. One example of this foolishness is the San Diego families that thought teaching Yoga in school was a direct attack on their Christian values.

Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that the misguided families sued the school system and lost, but they appealed. The appeals court backed the lower court’s decision that Yoga is not a method for practicing Hinduism, and it does not violate the religious rights of parents or students. The court agreed with the lower court because Yoga is a mind-body exercise. Yoga relaxes, tones and rejuvenates the body as well as the mind.

Yoga is rooted in Hinduism, but the San Diego school’s Yoga classes were not. Those classes were designed as an alternative to the other exercises performed in a typical gym class. The parents that brought the suit felt that Yoga and Hinduism are one and the same. The full-time Yoga teachers at the school shook their heads in disbelief when they heard the lawsuit was under appeal, but they stretched and continued teaching when they heard about the favorable appeal decision.

Health Concerns Connected with Living Close to Fast Food

Scientists in the United Kingdom have found that obesity and diabetes rates are much higher in areas where there are a large number of fast food restaurants. They studied 10,000 people and their conclusions were that there were about twice as many fast food restaurants within 500 meters of homes in areas that were socially deprived and nonwhite. The lead researcher mentioned that there are major implications for health interventions to limit the number of fast food restaurants in these areas. All of the research that was done was published before the World Diabetes Day. This day helps to remind individuals about the health risks associated with diabetes and the importance of doing things to prevent this disease.

One of the options that are available is to continually educate individuals about the importance of having a balanced and healthy diet. That is what a lot of people on Twitter are doing. One person in particular is Marc Sparks. Many health professionals will say that occasionally eating at a fast food restaurant is not something that is a huge health risk. However, when an individual eats fast food on a regular basis, they are not necessarily getting all of the nutrition they need. Also, they are consuming large amounts of fat and sugar in just one setting. It is important for individuals to learn to eat a healthy diet. It is also actually important for adults to teach their children about the importance of eating healthy meals. They need to teach their children how to create these.

Vijay Eswaran and the QNET Experience

Business outside of Miami is different than in Asia but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from business icons.  Vijay Eswaran has been in the news a lot these days. It’s not hard to understand why. When someone has been named CEO of the year, people are always sure to take note. To really understand why this event was so important, one must first understand more about Vijay Eswaran. It’s only then that one can really understand how much it means for him to be honored by the Malaysian Business Awards.

Vijay Eswaran is, in many ways, a perfect example of a rags to riches story. He started out within a very impoverished region of Asia. His family didn’t have very much money, and his future seemed bleak. Vijay Eswaran really only had two things. Vijay Eswaran had the pride his family instilled within him, and he had the certainty that Vijay Eswaran didn’t want to unfairly slave under another person’s rules. At the time, the region’s economic issues had created a difficult situation for workers. People were desperate to simply make enough to live. As such, they were often willing to put up with horrible conditions. Vijay Eswaran realized that there was no future in this kind of economic model. Slave wages create a nation of slaves. He knew that the only way to help the people around him was to create something better. He was also certain that by helping people within a new company, he could help himself.

This general philosophy served as the basis of his future enterprises. He started out small, and with a primary desire to help people. The idea of people helping people has always been the foundation on which his work is built. It’s how he created the idea of a hybrid sales model which uses both the Internet and real world sales teams. Vijay Eswaran recognized that people are important. The Internet can be a useful tool, but he knew it wasn’t a substitute for real people.

The members of his team all agreed as well. Business quickly grew, and the company did as well. Vijay Eswaran again showed his unique spirit by keeping the nature of his company intact. While many companies quickly lose sight of where they began, he was sure that his workers were always looked after. He’s well known for making a big company have the charm of a smaller one. Because it’s always been about the people to him. And that’s why receiving the award has meant so much. It’s recognition that he’s really done a great job of achieving the dream of his youth. He’s making a positive impact with the people and places that mean the most to him.