Social Help May Save Medical Costs

With the new Affordable Care Act, 11 million low-income citizens have been put onto insurance rolls. The problem with insurance has historically been that it will pay for medical procedures but not pay for social services that can make many medical costs related to poverty able to be prevented. Easier to go to an emergency room to get warm than to find housing, the hospitals have traditionally gotten revenue from each person seeking treatment. Now, some states and social workers are trying to get money from various sources, insurance being a key one, to offer non-medical services that can prevent the expensive complications down the line if people do not have the means necessary to meet their basis needs. New York Times reports that it will take a new approach by the treatment systems, social service entities, and medical treatment providers to work out the kinks that must be ironed out to make progress in care for the poor and to allow the poor the opportunities to afford better care for themselves.

More Monsanto Mischief

On Tuesday, March 24, mega pesticide maker Monsanto demanded that the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer retract statements issued in a report released last Friday that stated that an ingredient in its Roundup herbicide called glyphosate will be re-classified by the IARC as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

Monsanto’s actions aren’t surprising said Jamie Garcia Dias. Monsanto uses the extensive revenues it generates from selling pesticides and herbicides and creating genetically modified crops to block scientific reports that prove its products are toxic to humans, animals and the environment.

There are very few unbiased scientists around the world who would back Monsanto’s claims that its products are safe. Yet, Monsanto has had incredible successes with wielding its money to try to hide the truth that scientists and researchers have proven in study after study that many of the ingredients it uses in its products can cause nervous system, brain and immune system damage, as well as cancer.

The company has also been accused in the past of developing GMO crops that harm natural bee populations, destroy non-GMO crops and reproduce with non-GMO crops unchecked to damage farms that do not grow GMOs. Monsanto is also suspected of creating herbicide resistant GMOs that influence nearby weeds in an an as of yet unknown way that makes the weeds also resistant so that farmers must buy and use more of Monsanto’s herbicides to kill the weeds.

The Newest Debate, Alcohol vs Marijuana

Pediatricians have been facing a very controversial and important question by parents of adolescents and college bound children. Susan McGalla said that if you had to choose, which would you prefer your child to partake in, alcohol or marijuana use? One pediatrician talked to on the subject immediately answers “neither.” However, that scenario is unlikely, as our youth are going to experiment whether we warn of the dangers and demand abstinence or not.

While analyzing the choice, this pediatrician weighs the associated risks of both drugs. First, pot is illegal still in most of the U.S., and for all minors. Getting caught with pot, as opposed to alcohol as a minor, comes with harsher punishment and a criminal record which can affect the child’s future.

On the other hand, alcohol is associated with many crimes committed, whereas, there is no evidence to show that the use of marijuana causes people to break the law, other than the fact that it’s illegal to possess. Furthermore, 40 percent of all violent crimes occurring in the U.S. are related to alcohol use, as reported by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. Of that alcohol induced crime rate, 37 percent are rapes and 27 percent are aggravated assault charges.

Alcohol related deaths, especially in this countries youth, is also a troublesome factor. Each year in America, over 1,800 college students die as a result of alcohol use. In addition to the nearly 600,000 that are injured while drinking alcohol, approximately 400,000 minors are having unprotected sex while under the influence, which poses a whole slew of new problems.

After deep consideration, the pediatrician presented with this difficult question insists on choosing neither. However, if he had to choose whether his children should use alcohol or marijuana, he firmly opts for marijuana as the safer of the two.

Overcome Athletic Injuries With North American Spine

Playing sports can be a great way to have a lots of fun and get into shape at the same time. People like to play sports in order to be able to feel physically capable as well as engage in games that require careful attention to detail and a sense of understanding of the nuances of strategy. Many physical games such as football require both mental and physical skills of all kinds. Someone will find that they like playing sports whenever they can including on weekends. They may choose to spend time playing sports as a career or just in their spare time.

While playing sports can be a great way to stay in good physical shape, it can also take a toll on someone’s body when the person plays a lot. Someone who plays a sport over a long period of time may find that they have issues as a result of injury. The hard demands of some sports can result in problems such as injuries to the player’s skeleton and other areas of the body. A person who spent years on the basketball courts may have injuries to their head, neck and spine. Such injuries can cause pain and may even make it hard for the person to play their chosen sport or even hard for them to accomplish daily tasks such as running or walking without pain.

Those who find themselves facing such issues may want to get the best possible help. Luckily, medical assistance is available for those who need it. Those in search of the best possible medical help will find many resources that can help them function better, get rid of their pain and allow them to return to the sports they love. Doctors at the North American Spine practice have been working with patients for many years. During this time, they have helped patients who love to play sports recover from injuries of all kinds. Those who have sought the help of greater Dallas area practice have often been pleasantly surprised at the results they can get here. Their doctors have worked hard to develop procedures that allow their patients to be able to get back the range of motion they may have lost and get on the playing again as soon as possible. Under their skilled surgical assistance, patients can easily get effective surgery that will help patients heal far faster.